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Parkdale Primary


Welcome to

Parkdale Primary


Welcome to Parkdale Primary School

We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils. It is the place to come to for catching up with Newsletters and finding official information, policies and reports. Our classes all have pages here and these will give you a flavour of what they have been up to and what they are currently learning about.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.

As it repeatedly says in the video below…. “All Are Welcome Here”

Thank you for visiting!

Pete Hillier – Headteacher


2021/2022 Prospectus

Our website is packed with information, news and views. If you are new to our school and would like a summary of ‘what we are all about’ our Prospectus is a good place to start!

Parkdale Primary News

Bulletin 23.06.22

Bulletin 23.06.22

Here, a day earlier than usual, is the weekly bulletin and round-up We hosted the Transform Trust Festival of Football last Friday. It was a great success, thanks in no small measure to the wonderful Mr Chell who did a very extended shift, and to parents Frankie and...

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Cricket Report

Cricket Report

Our cricket squad had their 2nd full-on hardball match yesterday, against County Champs Heymann from West Bridgford. On a lovely evening at Ellerslie CC, our boys put on a good performance, but lost in the end by 13 runs. We bowled well and kept Heymann to a...

Thank You From Mr H

Thank You From Mr H

Many, many thanks to all who donated to support the sponsored walk I (Mr H) was on last weekend. As a dedicated cyclist, quite happy to ride 100 miles+ at a time, I've realised that 22 miles is a long way to walk - ouch! 55,000 steps, even with my long legs! My team...

French Day!

French Day!

Friday 8th July is our celebration of all things French! At Parkdale we all learn French, as well as celebrating different languages in our community. We thought that a day exploring and experiencing all things French would be a wonderful way to share our passion for...


Our curriculum was designed in consultation with stakeholders, our community, and was launched in 2019. We base much of our learning around 3 themes: Environment & Sustainability; Equality, Diversity & Identity; Peace & Social Justice. These reflect the values our stakeholders told us matter to them.

Within these themes, we aim to develop positive values, whilst learning skills and knowledge broadly comparable with the National Curriculum, against which our teaching and learning sequences are mapped.

You can find out more for each theme in its own section here:

Environment & Sustainability

For one term each year our topic theme is all about ‘green’ matters. Through this we learn positive, caring values and key Geography skills and knowledge. We start with personal and local issues in Early years and build up towards a global picture as we progress through school.

Equality, Diversity & Identity

For one term each year, we focus on learning a mixture of History, Geography, RE and PSHE through this theme. We learn about where we come from, celebrate our diversity and our similarities. A lot of our History is about migration, systems of government and people who fought for equal rights. We develop a sense of belonging in Nottingham, the UK and the World. We learn a lot about Cultural Capital and positive values.

Peace & Social Justice

In the term when this is our topic theme, we develop our History and Geography skills and knowledge through learning about wars, conflict and their effect on people. We learn about famous campaigners for justice in a range of countries.

School Diary


Term Dates

2021 / 2022 First day of term Last day of term
Autumn Term Monday 6th September 2021 Friday 22nd October 2021
Autumn Term-2 Monday 1st November 2021 Friday 17th December 2021
Spring Term Tuesday 4th January 2022 Friday 11th February 2022
Spring Term-2 Monday 21st February 2022 Friday 1st April 2022
Summer Term Tuesday 19th April 2022 Friday 27th May 2022
Summer Term-2 Monday 6th June 2022 Thursday 21st July 2022

2022-23 School holidays

Holistic Development

Our school vision relates to development and wellbeing of the whole-child. This is central to all we do.

We have daily assemblies, currently a blend of virtual and ‘face-to-face’, which reflect our values and the compostion of our community. One of these per week is delivered by a Christian Reverend, another by a representative of a local Mosque. In all, we always strive to find common ground and similarities between people of all faiths and none.

For 2021-22, assemblies will regularly address the Universal Declaration of Human RIghts, using teaching resources from the Youth For Human Rights organisation

Our school day is specifically designed to build-in Wellbeing time, such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness and reflection.

A dedicated Pastoral Team is available to co-ordinate support for children with Special Needs, including those with social and emotional needs. Locally, we have a very psitive reputation for our provision in this respect.

The nature of our community means we admit a significant number of children with Langauge and Communication needs. Another dedicated team, including our own Speech & Language Therapist,  co-ordinates support. Our work in this area won us a national Communication Trust ‘Shine a Light’ Award in 2017. You can learn more about each of these areas in their own section below:


Language & Communication

This is an important area for us as lots of our children arrive with delayed communication. We have a dedicated Communication and Language Lead and access to our very own Speech and Language Therapist who works with children and trains our staff. In 2017, we were the Communication Trust’s National Primary Setting of the year, winning a prestigious Shine A Light Award


Our school day is espcially structured to include dedicated Wellbeing and Mindfulness time. Our children learn yoga, breathing techniques and much, much more. Out Pastoral Team work closely with individual children for whom Wellbeing is a concern. Some of our Y5 and Y6 children are trained as Wellbeing Champions, to support other children. We formally test and track Wellbeing, using Leuven scales. Our Assemblies focus on Values, Faith, Mindfulness and understanding Human RIghts.

Special Needs

We have a great reputation locally for our provision. We do all we can to be inclusive and have successfully supported children with very high levels of need. Our SENCo is supported by her colleagues in the Pastoral Team. We aim to include children with additional needs in the mainstream classroom as much as possible, but also have a recently established nurture space, The Rainbow Room, which they can access when needed too.