Digital Statement of Intent

Our intent at Parkdale is that every child becomes confident, competent and creative users of digital technology and responsible digital citizens.  Our Digital Learning aims to equip children with digital skills they can use as a form of expression to enjoy ‘doing things differently’, remove barriers to their learning and prepare them for participation in a rapidly changing digital world

Computing Statement Of Intent

The core of Computing is Computer Science, in which pupils are taught the principles of information and Coding, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use. Building on this knowledge and understanding, pupils are equipped to use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content.  

Digital Notices

Kindness Online

Kindness Online

Sadly, we are beginning to see an upward tick in the number of problems reported from children's behaviour online; we are receiving complaints about messages and content sent by children out-of-school when on social media or playing online games. It's a small number...

Social Media Safety

Social Media Safety

Sadly, we have recently been seeing a sharp increase in the number of issues caused by misuse of social media by children outside of school. Asking around other schools in our Trust and in our locality, this seems to be a trend reflected everywhere. A 'sign of the...

A digital leader who helped with Trilby TV during our ADS celebration has been awarded a voucher for his professionalism, knowledge and commitment. Neil was so impressed with him and our school. Well done.

Digital Integration

Digital learning is integrated across the curriculum with intention to achieve our Digital Statement Of Intent and our whole school vision statement. In this video, you’ll see a few snippets of some of the types of digital integration we have implemented so far. 

Digital To Support Other Areas Of Learning

All of our pupils have a 1:1 iPad device to support and enhance their learning whilst also developing their Digital Literacy skills.

The iPads are integrated purposefully across the curriculum and used as a tool to scaffold and enhance our learning experience. As we are developing our Digital Skills towards levels of Mastery, we are becoming more independent in being able to select different ways to develop and show our understanding. 

Digital & Computing Gallery

We have many wonderful Digital & Computing projects taking place across the school throughout the year.  If you’d like to take a closer look at some of our outcomes, you’ll find these saved on our Online Learning platforms. To document the journey of our learning in Digital & Computing, we save our work to Showbie in Years 2 to Year 6, Class DoJo in Year 1 and on Tapestry in Reception. Here are some photos to show Digital in action!  

AR & Video Creation

We have been having lots of fun exploring Hologo and Google Expeditions to make key concepts in Science come alive! 

AR Art Exhibition Frida Kahlo

Parkdale’s Digital Newsflash

We’re continuously exploring ways we can use digital as a creative communication tool which also develops pupils’ leadership, oracy and confidence. It’s important to us that pupils have opportunities to evaluate our use of digital and be a core part of the continuous #Parkdale’sDigitalJourney. Pupils suggested a ‘Digital Newsflash’ could be a good way of sharing with our community what we are up to digitally and to identify what our ‘next’ may be! These videos are candidly created, captured in one take and created by our Digital Leaders. 


Across the curriculum, we use tools including Garage Band to show our understanding in different ways. Here are some examples of integrating sound to explore emotion created in poetry as part of our Peace & Conflict topic in Y5. 

Digital Documents & Resources

Our Digital Development

SAMR model by Dr Ruben Puentedura

At Parkdale, staff have been referring to the SAMR model by Dr Ruben Puentedura when making choices for Digital Learning.

We are developing our own practice to include more opportunities for Digital Learning which is transformative and redefines learning outcomes for our pupils.

SAMR model

Coaching & Mentoring Parternships

Staff Development – Coaching & Mentoring Partnerships

Our Digital Leaders

We meet with our school Digital Leaders on a regular basis to discuss our digital journey.

More recently, our Digital Leaders in KS2 have created a Digital Newsflash & will be regularly updating us in the form of a video/podcast/blog.

Training & Development

As a school, we are continuously investing in our digital professional development to enhance our integration of digital learning. This CPD is provided in various forms, including during staff meetings, self-directed study, coaching & mentoring partnerships and training packages with Jigsaw24.

Mrs Niaz, who is one of our Digital Champions, is providing Digital Workshops for our TAs on Friday afternoons.


Useful Links

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30 Creative Digital Activities

Pupils Sharing Their Skills

As well as achieving the Digital & Computing key objectives, it is important to us at Parkdale, that our pupils have opportunities to be leaders, share their understanding and have authentic audiences. Here is a video created by a pupil to provide some training of skills!