Meeting your child’s pastoral needs

Children’s mental and emotional wellbeing is at the centre of all the things we do at Parkdale School. Our Pastoral Lead ,Mrs Jenny Walker, is at hand throughout the school day to help and support children and their families. She has a wealth of knowledge/experience and works closely with other agencies, so everyone can access the help and support they may need. If you would like to get in touch with Mrs Walker you can either email at or call the school on 0115 9110066.

Parkdale School has 2 specifically trained staff in emotional literacy and they work with all children across the school on specific emotional needs. If you would be interested in your child receiving this type of support please contact your child’s class teacher. 





Our Wellbeing Warriors

Our Wellbeing Warriors are a group of 6 children from years 5 and 6 that mentor younger children with smaller concerns or problems. They are great role models at showing how to build resilience and promote positive wellbeing. 

There are 2 routes that children can use if they would like some help. Children in KS1 have a worry Box to leave a brief note in and those in KS2 use a form of email on the school Showbie system. Anyone leaving a details via either route will be seen by Mrs Walker or the wellbeing warriors depending on the nature of the problem. 

These are our Wellbeing Warriors for this academic year!

Wellbeing Warriors Training

Recently, the Wellbeing Warriors were taught all about emotions and responding appropriately, bullying and the importance of confidentiality. We learnt about these key areas using role play, discussion and debate.