Special Needs


We believe that not only should a Special Educational Need be accepted but it should be understood, enabling the child to reach their full potential. We work hard to ensure that all children who attend Parkdale Primary School have their needs acknowledged and met as far as possible within a mainstream setting. We work with outside agencies to meet the Outcomes of EHCPs as well as for those children who do not have an EHCP but still require additional, outside agency support. We believe in celebrating neurodiversity to enable children to find the positives and aspire to be the best version of themselves – there are some fantastic role models out there to inspire all our children ! 

We offer a varied curriculum to all children and this is no exception for children with SEN. We do not remove children from broader curriculum subjects to ‘catch up’ on core curriculum aspects but believe in full support during the relevant subject time, enabling them to access the topic at the same time as their peers. In addition to a full and varied curriculum we provide access to a Sensory Room enabling us to meet the sensory needs of children.


A word from our pupils

One of our former pupils created a video to share with us, an insight into his world – he is so creative !

Parent Support

A discussion board for parents of children with SEND 

Parent Padlet

Parent Carer Support Group - 26th May in Gedling

Special Needs Documents & Resources

A selection of ways in which Parkdale meets the needs of children with Special Educational Needs

Parkdale Primary School is an accessible site and we can meet the needs of children who use a wheelchair.

Access to a sensory room and proprioceptive walks enable us to meet the needs of children with a range of sensory needs.

Our classrooms are already meeting the needs of our children with Dyslexia through a variety of ways but we are looking to enhance our provision further through the use of digital technology as well as non digital support and are working towards becoming a recognised ‘Dyslexia Friendly School’. 

Curriculum Information

For details about how our Curriculum meets the needs of children with SEN please see the individual Curriculum Pages as well as the link below.

Policy Documents

Click here for the Local Offer specific to Parkdale Primary School. We are working on an interactive version for 2022-23 so you can see the policy in action – please check back during the Autumn term for updates. 

SEND Policy

Useful Links

AskUs Nottingham - Local Offer
Positively Empowered Kids - is a local (Gedling) based charity to support parents and children
Autism Eye Website & Magazine for Parents

Video Tour of the Sensory Room (The Rainbow Room)

A video tour of our sensory room will be available shortly … we are just making some finishing touches to the new Rainbow Room.