Online Safety

Statement of Intent

The education of pupils in Online Safety, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Literacy is an essential part of our online safety provision. We prepare pupils with the skills to access lifelong learning, whilst developing their awareness to the potential risks. We aim to empower and educate pupils in their use of technology to equip them to be responsible digital citizens, who remain both safe and legal when using the Internet and related technologies, inside and beyond the context of the classroom. 


Online Safety, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Literacy is covered across the curriculum and opportunities are maximised to address these areas of learning. To ensure thorough understanding of our pupils, we learn about these areas in discrete sessions at the beginning of each half term.

The schemes of work which we use to ensure progression of knowledge include: Google Internet Legends for Years 3,4,5 and 6.  In Reception, Y1 and Y2, Purple Mash is used with a clear progression of objectives. 

Digital Wellbeing

We understand the importance of developing pupils’ wellbeing around the use of technology. Our sessions on Digital Wellbeing are taken from two main schemes of learning. In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, we use Google Digital Wellbeing and in Reception, Y1 and Y2, we use Purple Mash. These schemes of learning are effective in ensuring clear progression across our school to equip pupils knowledge and understanding around Digital Wellbeing. Key areas within these schemes of learning are also regularly revisited and information is retrieved to deepen understanding. 

Online Safety Notices

Social Media Safety

Social Media Safety

Sadly, we have recently been seeing a sharp increase in the number of issues caused by misuse of social media by children outside of school. Asking around other schools in our Trust and in our locality, this seems to be a trend reflected everywhere. A 'sign of the...

A digital leader who helped with Trilby TV during our ADS celebration has been awarded a voucher for his professionalism, knowledge and commitment. Neil was so impressed with him and our school. Well done.

e-safety update

e-safety update

We have identified some concerns around internet use in certain cohorts of children. Please see the attached letter and acceptable use agreements for details on how we intend to address this. e-safety 30.03.23 Key Stage One Acceptable Use Agreement...

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These books explore themes of internet bullying, managing screen time and being mindful of internet predators in fun and engaging stories.

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