Statement Of Intent

Our intent at Parkdale is that every child has a built in love for Maths…to know they are good at Maths and to know that it is ok to get things wrong.

By Year 6, we want the children to be using the most efficient methods to solve questions…and be able to explain why.

Maths Notices

Adult Numeracy Course

Adult Numeracy Course

We have been asked to share details of this short adult numeracy course at the Netherfield Children's Centre.

Money Matters Project

Money Matters Project Last week, we applied for jobs, found out about possible wages and the variation of wages and then started searching for accommodation we could possibly afford with our take home pay! We’re looking...

Making numbers!

Making numbers!

Today we have been working in teams to make numbers up to 4. We loved working in teams and finding the correct number of shells to solve Mrs Rippon’s problem. We can work together  solve the problem : I need three shells, I only have one… how many more do I need to...

Our 7 Part Maths Structure: A Child’s Point Of View

Maths in action 

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Useful Links

Useful websites to support your child’s mathematical learning: