Statement Of Intent

Our intent at Parkdale is that every child has a built in love for Maths…to know they are good at Maths and to know that it is ok to get things wrong.

By Year 6, we want the children to be using the most efficient methods to solve questions…and be able to explain why.

Maths Notices

Y6 Retrieval Practice

We’ve been exploring a range of retrieval strategies in Y6. This week, we’ve been doing lots of interleaving of different topics of learning in Maths & SPAG, spaced retrieval and peer quizzing! We’re enjoying using quiz cards independently and then finding it...

Year 1 – Maths – Bingo

Year 1 – Maths – Bingo

We get asked frequently by families how we teach number recognition in year one. The answer - in fun, motivating and competitive games! Here we are playing bingo; all fully focused and engaged in an exciting session where we break down each number into tens and...

Our 7 Part Maths Structure: A Child’s Point Of View

Maths in action 

Maths Documents & Resources

Curriculum Information

Subject Review

Useful Links

Useful websites to support your child’s mathematical learning: