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Welcome to the Design and Technology page, maintained by Design and Technology Lead, Mrs Troop.


Our intent, across the school, is to ensure all children get the chance to build a portiflo of projects that promote a love of creativity and exploration. Our Design and Technology curricculum encourages children to develop skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. 

Design and Technology Notices

ART and DT in Y2

ART and DT in Y2

Year 2 combined their work on Sustainable development  with Art.  They have learnt about a weaving artist called Annie Albers.  She used yarns to weave with but we recycled our old plastic carrier bags and created continual weaving pictures. We used the skills from...

Year 1 – RE & DT – Pancake Day

Year 1 – RE & DT – Pancake Day

We've learnt about the Christian tradition of lent. We celebrated by cooking pancakes on Stove Tuesday. They were delicious and enjoyed by all of year one plus many of the staff around school!

Y2 Plastic Bag Kites

On the afternoon of Monday 7th February, Year two made kites out of old recycled plastic bags. This activity reinforced the children’s learning about reusing recycled goods and they thoroughly enjoyed it especially testing if their kites flew! We had the perfect...


Here are some examples of the wonderful projects completed across the school. Don’t forget to check out our fabulous Crunchy Architecture structures, these were the outcomes from a family competition held during STEAM week.

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Curriculum Information

Design and Technology Review 20-21
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Design and Technology Whole School Overview
Design and Technology Progression Steps