The intent behind our curriculum is to give children a real purpose for coming to school and having the desire to learn. We want to equip children in our school with futureproof skills and real life learning, so that they are ready for the challenges ahead. Our Curriculum is values based, enabling children to reflect their understanding through real life actions. For example, writing persuasive leaflets to be displayed in the local library, making products out of recyclable materials that can be sold at a market, organising events within the local community. We are all excited by this curriculum as it gives children the opportunity to really express themselves. Furthermore, we are determined to ensure, through progression, that this knowledge is retained and applied year on year – throughout Parkdale and beyond.

We want children to know more, remember more and do more. We apply Learning Fundamentals based on contemporary thinking on children’s cognition; including interleaving, spaced learning, and retrieval practice.

Curriculum Statement
Curriculum Management and Leadership

Each Theme (see below) has a Theme Leader. The Theme Leader heads a team of relevant Subject Leaders.

Mathematics, English and Science are managed by smaller teams, each with a designated lead. As an example, the English Team comprises an overall leader, plus leads for: Reading, Reading for Enjoyment, Writing, Library and Speaking & Communication.

Foundation subjects have smaller teams, usually with a Leader and one team member.

Our Digital Leader oversees the use of technology in the curriculum as well as the Computing subject.

A Wellbeing and Mental Health Team oversee that element of our offer and how it fits into the curriculum.

All leaders and teams have clearly defined roles and responsibilites for the quality assurance and developmet of their areas. Their plans in this respect can be found in the Subject on a Page in each cirrculum area o fthis website.


If you want to know more about our curriculum, you can ask any class teacher or either of our Curriculum leads: Mr Jason Pattison or Mrs Julia Burge

Environment & Sustainability

The key drivers for this theme are: Environmental Responsibility; Sustainable Living; Positive Action; along with 2014 National Curriculum-based Geography skills and knowledge

Equality, Diversity & Identity

The key drivers for this theme are: Respect, Equality and Diversity; Sense of Identity and Belonging; Building Cultural Capital; along with 2014 national Curriulum-based Hstory and Geography skills and knowledge.

Peace & Social Justice

The key drivers for this theme are: Understanding War and Conflict; Valuing Peace; Social Responsibility; Empathy and Understanding; Fairness and Equality; along with 2014 National Curriculum-based History skills and knowledge