Holistic Development

At Parkdale, we are deeply concerned with the whole-child and their development; academic, moral, spiritual, physical and mental health.


If you want to know more about Holistic Development, you can ask any class teacher ,our Pastoral Lead Jenny Walker or our SENDCo Alex Taylor

Language & Communication

This is an important area for us as lots of our children arrive with delayed communication. We have a dedicated Communication and Language Lead and access to our very own Speech and Language Therapist who supports our children, works with parents and trains our staff. In 2017, we were the Communication Trust’s National Primary Setting of the year, winning a prestigious Shine A Light Award


Our school day is espcially structured to include dedicated Wellbeing and Mindfulness time. Our children learn yoga, breathing techniques and much, much more. Out Pastoral Team work closely with individual children for whom Wellbeing is a concern. Some of our Y5 and Y6 children are trained as Wellbeing Champions, to support other children. We formally test and track Wellbeing, using Leuven scales. Our Assemblies focus on Values, Faith, Mindfulness and understanding Human RIghts.

Special Needs

We take Special Educational Needs very seriously at Parkdale Primary School and believe that every child deserves the best education and opportunities possible. Quality First teaching is a right of every child and this is the primary element on offer to children with SEN. Where required, additional support, resources and strategies are put into place to ensure the needs of the child are met. We have a caring and supportive approach whilst still having high standards that enable all children to achieve their full potential. At Parkdale we meet the needs of a wide range of children including those with physical and neuro-diverse needs.