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Welcome to our Welbeing and Mindfulness page, maintained by the Wellbeing Lead, Mrs Troop.

Our teaching and learning of mental health and emotional wellbeing as part of a comprehensive PSHE education curriculum is vital. It promotes pupils’ wellbeing through an understanding of their own and others’ emotions and the development of healthy coping strategies. 

All children have the confidence to approach any adult in school if they are worried about their own or someone else’s wellbeing.

At Parkdale we try to offer signposting to services and support for our wider community. Through social media and this website, we will highlight local offers and resources, for example the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire NHS Mental Health pathway below

Wellbeing & Mindfulness Notices

Healthy Families Team (Notts CC) Consultation

The Notts County Council Healthy Families Team (health visiting and school nursing) are consulting on proposals for the future delivery of their services. Healthy Families consultation - stakeholders poster

Notts Help Yourself Website

Notts Help Yourself Website

We have been asked to share a flyer from Notts County Council, promoting their new Help Yourself Website, which looks like a very useful resource. nottshelpyourself.org.uk 82018 Notts help yourself A5 leaflet v3 LR Notts Help Yourself helps you find the information...

Birthday Sweet Treats

Birthday Sweet Treats

Once upon a time, it was seen as a bit of a tradition that children celebrating their birthday on a school day had the chance to share a sweetie with their classmates. Then, it became the thing to do to go for Healthy Schools awards and many schools, us included, felt...

Our Whole School Book Project

Throughout this term, every class will be exploring this wonderful book. The discussions and activities based within this book will give all children the opportunity to explore what bravery, kindness, growth, resilience, teamwork and mindfulness is. This will be delivered through six individual prints drawn from the book. Be sure to check out our outcomes in the gallery below.

The book is filled with detailed prints which portray deep and meaningful views – perfect for any growing mind trying to understand their place within the world. 

See a copy of the choice boards linked to the book below. 

Our Whole School Book Project


Throughout the Autumn Term, all classes will be exploring this wonderful book. The activities based within this book will give all children the opportunity to explore and understand anxiety and learn strategies to help deal with it effectively in every day lives. 

Whilst working through this journal, children have explored ways to tackle anxieties when things overwhelm us. Recently, year 3, spent time designing 

Reflective Journal Activities

Here’s an example of some of the activities we have completed so far … 

Wellbeing Book Project Activity Two

Wellbeing Book Project Activity Three

Wellbeing Book Project Activity Four

Anxiety Choice Board

If your child is finding being back at school too over whelming and is struggling to leave your side, check out the choice board below for more information, links, helpful books, apps and coping strategies you can explore together. 


Breathing Exercise 

Why not try these breathing exercises at home…

Mindfulness Techniques

One of our Y6 pupils is creating mindfulness videos for us to learn breathing exercises and strategies we can use both in and outside of school. We are so proud of their enthusiasm and commitment to this. 

Wellbeing & Mindfulness Documents & Resources

Curriculum Information

Wellbeing on a Page
Wellbeing Manual
Our Themed Choice Boards

We have took the time to make connections from our themed units and created dicussions and activities that link well to our daily wellbeing and mindfulness sessions 


Sustainable Development



Our Daily Check In

Throught the school, we provide various different ways for the children to express their emotions and thoughts on a daily basis. Here is an example the children are familiar with, why not use this template from home too. 

Daily Check In