Identity, Diversity & Cultural Capital


Welcome to the page for our topic of  Identity, Diversity and Cultural Capital, or as the children may know it by the whole school child friendly name, ‘My World and My Place In It.’ All year groups may have their own topic name based around this whole school theme also.

The Identity Team is jointly led by Mrs Mason and Mrs Garrett and also includes Mrs Chalmers and Mr Hillier.

Intent: is the shared aim of every child enjoying access to a stimulating and engaging education, the impact of which will prepare children to play a positive role in society. To develop positive values towards the world and the people in it. To have a sense of belonging within their world and demonstrate tolerance and care to others. To be a socially responsible member of the community who takes pride in their self, locality and culture.

The main drivers that this topic are based on are:

  • Tolerance
  • A sense of belonging
  • Being socially responsible
  • Pride of self, locality & culture

A more detailed breakdown of our main curriculum drivers involved in this topic are:

Early Years – Children talk about the past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. They know that other children don’t always enjoy the same things, and are sensitive to this. They know about the similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions. 

KS1 – NC 2014 Equivalents: Changes within living memory • Events beyond living memory • Lives of significant individuals • Significant events, people & places and individuals in their own locality Historical Association Aspects to Develop • Be aware of the past, using common words & phrases relating to time • Fit people/events into a chronological framework • Identify similarities & differences between periods • Ask and answer questions • Choose from stories and artefacts to show understanding • Understand some ways we know about the past • Identify different way the past is represented

KS2 – NC 2014 Equivalents: • Chronology & influence of Ancient Greeks and Romans • A Local History Study • Settlers and movement of people • Study of an aspect or theme which extends chronological knowledge beyond 1066 • A contrasting non-European society Historical Association Aspects to Develop • Continue to develop chronologically secure knowledge • Establish narratives across periods studied • Note connections, contrasts and trends over time • Address and devise historically valid questions • Understand how knowledge is built from a range of sources • Construct informed responses by selecting, evaluating and organising historical information • Understand that different versions and views of the past may exist, giving some reasons for this



Below are our KS1 and KS2 Identity Celebration Assembly videos which we are so proud of!! Please enjoying seeing a selection of our wonderful creative work which the children are so proud of producing!

Identity Overview EY to KS2

Identity Subject On A Page
Identity Theme Review and Action Plan 2021-22
Identity Theme Review and Action Plan 2020-21
Identity Theme Skills and Knowledge Mapping

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Easter Greetings

Easter Greetings

We would like to wish a happy Easter to all who celebrate, in our community and beyond. Amongst the eggs, chocolate and Easter bunnies, we recognise that for Christians in our community, this is a truly special time. Wishing a blessed Easter to one and all.