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Statement of Intent

Our intent at Parkdale is that every child embraces their inner artist, to value the impact of art within our lives and to stimulate curiousity, creativity and imagination. Our Art and Design curriculum provides children of all abilities with opportunities to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern, different materials and processes.



The Artsmark Award is a creative quality standard for schools accredited by the Arts Coucil England and we are so excited to be starting our journey towards achieving the Artsmark Award.  Our main goal is to develop and celebrate our commitment to arts and cultural education for all at Parkdale.  The Artsmark will help to:

  • Build young people’s confidence, character and resilience through arts and cultural education
  • Embed creativity across the whole curriculum
  • Celebrate our commitment to cultural education with pupils, staff and our local community

Art Notices

Remembrance Day Art

Year 4 have had a busy week last week. One of the activities we’ve completed was for Remembrance Day. The children drew poppies over the poem: In Flanders Fields. We discussed the poem and why this poem is important and why we remember November 11th every year.

Parkdale’s Postcard Project

Parkdale’s Postcard Project

As part of our celebration of ‘European Day of Languages’ all the year groups have travelled all around the world to explore a country of their choice. This exciting trip has allowed children to experience different cultures by learning about local...

Celebrating Musical Achievements

Celebrating Musical Achievements

This week, pupils and staff in Key Stage 2 were treated to a fantastic piano performance by one of our very own Year 6 pupils during Values Champion Assembly.  At Parkdale, we aim to provide lots of opportunities for children to showcase their musical talents and...

Year 6 Live Band Performance

This week, our Year 6 pupils were treated to a live performance by a local band - Mispent Youth.  The music was fantastic and proved very popular with the children…they certainly enjoyed joining in with the band and loved the chance to showcase some of their great...

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STEAM Week March 2021

Whole School Art Project - The Natural World June 2021


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