You may have heard from your child/children that we have changed our Friday afternoon Star Assemblies.  They are now known as Values Champion Assemblies and are a bit more ‘focussed’. Children will be nominated for displaying one or more of our values in an exceptional way.

At Parkdale, we have three sets of values.   The core values of the Transform Trust inform how we operate and apply to all schools in the trust. Our Learning Values encapsulate what we try to bring to each lesson and what we try to bring out of the children in their learning. All schools are expected to pay heed to what are called the Fundamental British Values and are inspected on their delivery of these. We would put the case that these values are not exclusively British, but can see their worth as a guideline nonetheless.


Transform Trust Values  Parkdale Learning Values  British Values 





Creativity & Innovation



Physical & Moral Strength




Rule of Law

Tolerance of Differences

Mutual Respect

Individual Liberty



We want to raise the profile of our values this year as we believe that they are all really important to the children and the staff here at Parkdale.

As a result of this, the Friday Afternoon Star Assembly has been replaced with Values Champion Assembly.  One child from each class will be awarded Values Champion for demonstrating one of our values during the week.  They will then be presented with a certificate.

Highlighting behaviour where children have demonstrated our values will give our values a higher profile.

If you have any questions at all please speak to us.

Mrs Burge & Mr Pattison