Keeping children safe is central to all we do. You can read full details in our policies and procedures, but in summary:

  • All adults working in school are subject to an Enhanced DBS check, which you may know under its former title as a CRB check.
  • All adults working in Regulated Activites are also subject to checking on the Barred List.
  • Any regular volunteer is subjected to the same checking process as an employee.
  • Adults who have not been through the process are not allowed unsupervised access to children.
  • All checks are updated at least every 3 years,
  • All recruitment is subject to Safer Recruitment processes and selection panel members are trained in this.
  • All adults working in school have undertaken Safeguarding Training and this is renewed every two years.
  • Staff complete training on specialist areas of Safeguarding such as FGM, County Lines and Peer-on-Peer abuse.
  • There are three fully trained Designated Safeguarding leads,
  • All staff have in-house refresher training annually, which includes changes to the key document Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • All Safeguarding concerns are logged on a secure digital system to which all staff have access.
  • Concerns are reviewed weekly by the DSLs.
  • Transform Trust regularly audits this logging system.
  • The Lead Governor conducts a comprehensive annual audit of Safeguarding.
  • Safeguarding concerns are a standing item in weekly staff beirfings and meetings.
  • A specialist pastoral and wellbeing team adds considerably to the capacity for managing concerns and operates pro-actively with children, families and agencies.
  • Pupil and adult mental health and wellbeing is a core part of the curriculum and school day,
  • Pupil wellbeing, mental health and engagement are ‘measured’ termly through Leuven tests.
  • An active School Council exists for children to raise concerns.
  • Pupil Voice is formally gathered annually and all (100% of) children expressing any negative views or feelings are followed-up by the Pastoral Team.
  • Online/e-safety is a key priority and children are explicitly taught this.
  • There is a robust system of monitoring for bullying, underpinned by a well-established Anti-Bullying Charter.
  • Children can self-refer or report concerns anonymously.
  • Attendance is monitored closely – all unexplained absences are followed up within a short-time of registers closing,
  • Expectations of Attendance are high; attendance is typically 96.5 to 97% in any given year.
  • The wellbeing of children absent long-term, including for all during Covid-related lockdowns or self-isolation, is monitored closely.
  • Children are not off-rolled or excluded. There have been no permanent exclusions in the past 7 years. Fixed-term exclusions are extremely rare, averaging less than one per year.

Our trained Designated Senior People with responsibility for Safeguarding are:

Mr Peter Hillier, Headteacher

Mrs Alex Taylor, SENCO

Mrs Jenny Walker, Pastoral Lead

These are the primary contacts for any Safeguarding concerns.

Our designated Governor with particular responsibility for Safeguarding is:

Mrs Donna Marshal (Chair of Governors)

The Operational Safeguarding Lead for the Transform Trust is:

Claire Smith (0115 982 5090, option 1)

Safeguarding Documents

Safeguarding Policy 2023-24
Safeguarding Guide for Parents
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
Safeguarding Guide for Visitors

Safeguarding Leaflet – PDF Document

Behaviour Management Policy

Behaviour Policy 2021-22 (under review, September 2023, for ratification by Governors, October 2023)

Behaviour Management Policy 2023-24 (draft, for ratification October 2023)

Behaviour Management Flow Chart

PDF Document

Anti-Bullying Charter Re-Launch Presentation September 2023

An 18 minute presentation with commentary and pupil-voice


PREVENT Action Plan

Transform Trust – PDF Document

Confidential Reporting Policy (whistleblowing)