Our intent at Parkdale is to ensure that children learn, apply and become more fluent in French. We want our children to thoroughly enjoy this experience and to learn about the French culture.

We use La Joile Ronde to deliver French lessons at Parkdale.  This scheme is fun and engaging for the children and provides lots of opportunities to listen to French Songs and stories.

French Notices

Language of the Month relaunches!

Exciting news! We have relaunched our Language of the Month, starting in May with Spanish! Our fabulous digital provision has enabled us to write and launch an exciting Language of the Month scheme, using iPads to make lessons and links accessible to all children....

Year 5 French

Year 5 have been working hard with their conversations in French this week. They even included some of our previous learning, without being prompted, which was great to hear!  

Bonjour! Ca-va?

We enjoy using French to express our opinions! Enjoy this video!


French Documents & Resources

Curriculum Information

French on a page
Subject Leader Review

Useful Links

KS2 BBC Bitesize French

Try out some of your language skills!

Modern Foreign Languages

At Parkdale we explore and celebrate a Language of the Month. Our intent is to inspire our younger children to celebrate different cultures and develop early foreign language skills and awareness. We are especially proud of our children with EAL at Parkdale; they are supported to be bilingual and value their first language. Our Language of the Month scheme encompasses languages spoken in our community, celebrating our multicultural society. Most importantly our Language of the Month scheme is an opportunity for our bilingual children to be our teachers and experts. Recordings of their voices are used to demonstrate pronunciation and shared with all of our children. 

In each language we follow a progression from Early Years to Year 2, of key language and vocabulary. This is all dual coded, and recorded by a native speaker. We also listen to music, watch television shows and listen to stories in the language. We look at who speaks the language, where it originated and find out fun facts about the language and associated culture. 

If you have any language skills to share please let Mrs Rippon know! 

MFL Notices 

Curriculum Information 

This document shows the progression of language skills and vocabulary that we aim to support our children to develop. 

Useful links 

Spanish lesson examples

Example lesson

Spanish story links

Listen to some stories, sing some songs or watch some Spanish children’s tv shows. 

Stories :


Spanish Songs

Spanish Television