Welcome to the History subject page, maintained and updated by the History Lead, Mrs Garrett. The History team consists of Mrs Cooper (History team member) and Mrs Garrett (History Lead).



Our intent at Parkdale is that every child develops the ability to ask perceptive questions, think critically, promote curiosity and understand how people, society and the wider world have changed in history. 

Our History skills and knowledge are largely drawn from the 2014 National Curriculum and are mapped into our three termly themes. Our Autumn topic of ‘Identity’ and Summer topic of ‘Peace and Conflict’ enables each year group to cover their relevant key skills, knowledge and understanding. 

History Notices

Remembrance Day Art

Year 4 have had a busy week last week. One of the activities we’ve completed was for Remembrance Day. The children drew poppies over the poem: In Flanders Fields. We discussed the poem and why this poem is important and why we remember November 11th every year.

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

  Poppy Appeal Please see the attached poster to explain how Parkdale will be supporting the RBL Poppy appeal this year.

Parkdale’s Postcard Project

Parkdale’s Postcard Project

As part of our celebration of ‘European Day of Languages’ all the year groups have travelled all around the world to explore a country of their choice. This exciting trip has allowed children to experience different cultures by learning about local...

History Gallery

As the school year progress, we will update this section with a snap shot of History in action across the school.

Below are some wonderful examples of finished recorded History work from our Autumn topic of ‘Identity’.

History Documents & Resources

Curriculum Information

Review and Progression Update for 2022-23

History coverage and progression was covered in the review (below) of identity and Cultural Capital

Identity and Cultural Capital phase 3v2

History Review 20-21 and Action Plan 21-22
History Review 21-22
Skills & Knowledge Mapping- The World And My Place In It- Identity
Skills & Knowledge Mapping- Peace & Conflict, Justice & Equity
History Medium Term Planning
History on a page revised Sept 2023

Chronology Resources Autumn 2022

A bank of presentations to support weekly themes in the teaching of chronology. Still to add: The Golden Age of Islam, The Viking Age, 1066 and the Normans. 

The Roman Empire
The Ancient Greeks
Anglo-Saxon England

Useful Links

KS1 Identity Celebration Assembly

Have a watch of our Key Stage One Identity Celebration Assembly. See if you can spot what each year group covered in their History lessons…..

KS2 Identity Celebration Assembly

Have a watch of our Key Stage Two Identity Celebration Assembly showcasing their fabulous learning in this topic. See if you can spot which History topic each year covered….