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Our intent at Parkdale is that every child develops the ability to ask perceptive questions, think critically, promote curiosity and understand how people, society and the wider world have changed in history. 

Our History skills and knowledge are largely drawn from the 2014 National Curriculum and are mapped into our three termly themes. Our Autumn topic of ‘Identity’ and Summer topic of ‘Peace and Conflict’ enables each year group to cover their relevant key skills, knowledge and understanding. 

History Notices

Starting our celebration day.

Starting our celebration day.

Reception began their celebration of the jubilee finding out about the Commonwealth and the community of countries. We chose and drew our favourite flag, some of us chose the flags of countries that are important to us, like Pakistan, some of us chose fun flags, like...

ART and DT in Y2

ART and DT in Y2

Year 2 combined their work on Sustainable development  with Art.  They have learnt about a weaving artist called Annie Albers.  She used yarns to weave with but we recycled our old plastic carrier bags and created continual weaving pictures. We used the skills from...

Year Six Campaigners

Year Six Campaigners

Some of our brilliant Year Six children have raised the suggestion that we do some fund-raising to support children and families in war-torn areas of the world additional to Ukraine. This is a fair request and reflects wonderfully on our children as caring, global...

History Gallery

As the school year progress, we will update this section with a snap shot of History in action across the school.

Below are some wonderful examples of finished recorded History work from our Autumn topic of ‘Identity’.

History Documents & Resources

Curriculum Information

History Review 20-21 and Action Plan 21-22
History On A Page
Skills & Knowledge Mapping- The World And My Place In It- Identity
Skills & Knowledge Mapping- Peace & Conflict, Justice & Equity

Useful Links

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