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We love to hear from our community about how we’re doing. We always conduct at least one very comprehensive parental survey per year and carefully consider the feedback from that. Many of our better ideas have come from our community!

We are very receptive to feedback, constructive criticism and new ideas. Of course, we welcome any positive comments and praise too!

We would like to use this page to share your feedback with the wider world. Hopefully, it will encourage people to want to join our wonderful community and attend or work at Parkdale.

You are welcome to email any comments for inclusion on this page. You can use the button to the right or the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will anonomise them if requested!

Please note, this page should not be used for urgent, time-critical communications. Please use the Office or individual staff member emails for that.

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I just wanted to write to you regarding Mrs Selby and Mrs Rippon.

Mrs Selby teaches my eldest daughter and Mrs Rippon teaches my middle daughter.

Unfortunately on Saturday my youngest daughter was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia amongst other things and needed to be on oxygen.

I let Mrs Rippon and Mrs Selby know in case the girls were upset or acting up a little in school. Both teachers have been amazing telling me not to worry and they’ll look after my girls.

I can’t tell you how much stress it took away knowing they’d be well looked after.

I can’t thank Mrs Selby and Mrs Rippon enough, they checked in on my youngest’s progress too which was so kind of them.

I’ve always thought highly of Parkdale but this just cemented how amazing it really is.

Through Covid, moving house and any other major life events my family has faced, all of the teachers I’ve been in contact with have been amazing.

You really do have a wonderful team and I’m so thankful my girls are in Parkdale.

I also want to give a massive shout out to the office team. They’re always so lovely and helpful even when it’s the tenth time I’ve spoken to them that week!

Basically, I have a massive amount of love for you all and you have made a school feel like family.

I’m going to stop before I start crying!

Best wishes,

Z, 09.12.2021

Thank you so much for all the effort that was put into the Reception Christmas nativity play. I am so so glad that this huge childhood milestone was allowed to still go ahead. You all did an incredible job and I cannot believe the amount of effort that went into it. What a testimony to the dedication of all of you in Reception and Parkdale.

I am also so glad that in such a diverse school, all cultures are celebrated. My cousins went to school in London and weren’t allowed to say Happy Christmas, only Happy Holidays. Parkdale is a shining example of how it can be done in a richly diverse environment. Our Diwali diva, that C made in class, sits next to our light up reindeer and I love that.

Thank you.

H 07.12.2021

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies in the office, not sure who I have spoken to but both yesterday and today they have been extremely helpful and friendly and gave me time to explain the situation on a busy Monday morning. . I cant thank them enough for their compassion and empathy, especially at a time we were feeling a bit raw and sensitive.

Secondly, Mrs Chalmers has been amazing. I messaged her to let her know and ask if there was any work L could be doing at home, by lunchtime Mrs Chalmers had phoned to see how we were and if we were up to doing any work, she talked me through it and asked if we were ok IT wise and later in the day, after school had finished, she sent us through lots of work. She also offered to drop work off to us. Mrs Chalmers ‘knows’ L already and is very aware of her characteristics and likes and dislikes which cannot be easy in a class of 30 & as, due to Covid, we were all isolating at the end of the summer term, Lexi and Mrs Chalmers didn’t have a traditional transition/introduction.  Mrs Rippon and Mrs Ward have also played a huge part in ensuring L’s smooth transition to year 1 as Mrs Rippon had spent time with L, prior to isolating, showing her the classroom and we had prior notice of her new teacher so we could discuss this at home and we had the opportunity for L to show her former foster family her new teacher and classroom as we had a ‘hard copy’ of the photos  – we cant describe how something as simple as that has supported her through the last few months. Oddly her first Carlton friend also had Mrs Chalmers as his teacher so we could talk about that too.

Once again, today, Mrs Chalmers has responded, as soon as she could, to us sending in L’s work and this has emotionally supported L enormously with Lhaving a huge smile on her face when I told her Mrs Chalmers had sent her a message & dojo points!!!!!!!

Thirdly, your new caretaker, Mr Chell is absolutely lovely and friendly , always has a smile and time for a chat, whatever the weather is like and he is often the first member of staff we see in a morning now due to the time I choose to drop L off, so seeing such a happy and smiley face who has time to talk to our children is absolutely brilliant & reassuring and when one of L friends was a bit tearful one morning, he made a point of asking her who her teacher was and he was going to find  Miss Baker and ask her to keep an eye out for her during PE (it was a PE day for us).

Your team are continually professional, thoughtful and considerate, amongst many other attributes which is a reflection of everything you all do in school every single day.

Thank you so much for everything you all do, each and every day.

T and R, 13.10.21

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