Following the recent nomination process, we are delighted to add four new Governors to our Full Governing Body.

There are all parents/carers of children currently in the school and bring a great range of skills and knowledge to this important group.

Claire Harrison is head of Commercial Operations at a major international sports venue and has been part of the Parkdale community as a parent for over ten years. Claire has a wide range of experience and interests including sustainability and diversity.

Fiona Muyengwa is the mother of a child in school with additional needs and comes with a significant interest and experience in this area, as well as in mental health through her nursing career.

Trevor Wilson has a daughter in Reception and has a background in university education and design. He too has a keen interest in matters of diversity.

Susannah Porter has a son in Year Two and comes with a background in further education and quality assurance and development of teaching.

A warm welcome to all and our thanks to them for committing to helping us further develop our school.