Summer Term 

This term we will be exploring 

* Getting Along and Fairness; Traditional Tales with a Twist, and

* Parkdale in the Past.

In the first half term we will explore traditional tales, reading stories and acting them out. We will ask ourselves if the characters were being kind and fair, and discuss how they may feel if the stories were different. We will look at modern stories where the characters are reversed and begin to make comparisons, developing our historical research skills, whilst thinking about the values of Peace and Justice. 

In the final term we visit “Parkdale in the Past”, researching how different school life was in 1929, the year our school opened. We will ask how was school life similar or different in the past? Would we prefer school dinners, lessons, play, toys, or activities in the past to now? 

Alongside all of this exciting topic work we will of course celebrate Eid, take part in a Sports Day, go on trips, launch a gardening club, keep an eye on our growing vegetables and have lots of fun! 



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