Year 3 spent the first week of this half term completing their COP 26 project. Our aim was to produce infographic posters that would highlight the effects of climate change on rivers.

We began the week by exploring different examples and finding what features help make a good one. Once we were happy with our feature checklist, we had a go at labelling an example ourselves. Next we started to focus on researching the following key questions to help us gather information for our posters;

  • What is climate change?

  • What is COP 26?

  • What causes climate change?

  • What effect does climate change have on rivers?

  • How can we prevent it?

Once we had all the information we needed we began to present it on our iPads using the app Keynote. See some of our examples below.

The children got the opportunity to zoom another school on the other side of the world in India! The children at GEMS Modern Academy Kochi asked us, via Twitter, if we would be willing to share our published outcomes to help influence their own climate project coming up. Of course, we jumped at the chance! Due the time difference, we ended up zooming at 8:30am so we could share before their school day ended! The children were excellent at sharing our project from start to finish. They shared interesting facts and were able to answer the questions asked with such confidence.

I know I speak for all the adults who have been apart of this project or celebrated our outcomes with us, we are all extremely proud the children’s achievements.