Summer Term – Peace and Conflict

The summer term theme for Year 3 is called; Is It Ok to Take Action? We will be focusing on Nelson Mandela and other influential people who have broken rules and fought for their beliefs and rights for the greater good. After the half term, we will be completing a geographical comparison against a small, rural village in Uganda and Carlton/Gedling. Here the children will compare similarities and differences between the localities through a range activities. The children will also be taking part in a charity walk to help raise funds for the local school we currently link to (ran by the HUGE foundation) and will share their success with the children by sending informal letters. 


Key Questions 

  • Is it ok to break the law?
  • Is it ok to stand up for your rights?
  • Is it ok to stand up for what you believe in?
  • What is Apartheid?
  • Who was Nelson Mandela?
  • How was he influential?
  • What conflict did he come across?
  • How did his actions allow him to become a peacemaker? 
  • Did South Africa, at this time, protray fairness/ equality and equity? 

Our Shared Reading 

For the first half term, we will be exploring the autobiography of Nelson Mandela – “Long Walk to Freedom.” This will build a strong foundation of information surrounding the life of Nelson Mandela as the children begin to learn and understand the history and impact of Apartheid. All the wider reading and learning will help influence their own writing when producing a biography on Nelson Mandela’s adult life. 


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