Wow ! Half a day of swimming lessons and it has already gone “swimmingly”! After storm Isha and Jocelyn delayed the pool set up, it is looking wonderful and is currently at 30degrees in the water!

We have already had children in small groups of 4 with two instructors, making progress and showing what intense lessons can do for swimming. By the end of this week we can’t wait to see how far they have come! Those children who are already confident swimmers have been in slightly larger groups (still smaller than any previous school swim lessons) had a great workout; showed off their achievements and had lots of fun! Some quotes from them “I want to go everyday!”, “I didn’t want to get out!” “Janine is lovely”.

One of the best bits…. once they are finished, they have dried off and been back in the classrooms within 15 minutes, no half day out for each lesson, and they will still get two hours of PE lessons, plus enrichments sessions this week.

Thank you for your support! Please don’t forget your child’s a costume, cap, towel, dressing gown and slides/sandals/crocs every day that they are swimming.