Good morning,

At Parkdale we use symbols to support our learning. This helps us to develop understanding and recognition of new ideas, vocabulary and concepts. In Reception, and for children with English as an Additional Language this is particularly important.

I will upload key symbols to Tapestry regularly to allow you to discuss our key words at home. Please use your home language to talk about these ideas. This will help children to make links between their home language (if it isn’t English), their existing knowledge and their new ideas.

We are currently celebrating being different, and how the things that make us different (our talents, culture, heritage, likes and dislikes, etc) are the things that make us special. This helps us to develop a pride in our identity. As you can see the symbols that we use help us to discuss these ideas.
Thank you, as always for your support. Please ask if you have any questions.
Hayley Rippon.
R Bay Class Teacher and Communication and Language Lead.