A reminder for families that school starts officially with the second bell at 8:40. Being here for the first (8:25) bell is optional, but registers are taken immediately after the 2nd one.

Today we had over 40 children arrive late, which caused a large queue at the office and significant disruption to classes and the learning of children who had arrived on time.

We realise that genuine problems can delay arrival from time to time and that a small number of children had legitimate appointments, but the vast majority of late arrivals gave the reason as either oversleeping or setting off late/transport.

Our thanks to those who are constently on time. All children who arrived on time today (or who had been at an appointment) were awarded a House Point towards the competition for the cinema trip treat at the end of the year.

None of the late children have been identified, named, reprimanded or sanctioned, but they will probably be aware that they have missed out on a House point on this occasion.