Over the past few weeks, staff and children have been looking at our school rules, considering a ‘reboot’. This was largely prompted by some research staff are undertaking on behaviour management and also feedback from School Council. We want to re-structure our rules so that:

  • they are simpler and easier to understand; less to remember
  • they reflect our values
  • they encourage and support more positive conversations with children
  • they become a useful tool for discussing how to put things right when things go wrong

We think we have managed to distill our rules into the following:

Respect people

Respect our environment

Respect learning

Respect yourself

We think these cover pretty much every eventuality and will enable us to meet the aims outlined above.

Our Governors meet on the 30th of January and a change to the Behaviour Policy to include these new rules is on the agenda. We would welcome any thoughts or feedback in advance of that, so please feel free to discuss with (or email) your child’s class teacher, the Pastoral Team or any member of Senior Leadership.