Due to rising supply costs, our caters, Aspens, have announced an increased in the cost of a school dinner; the cost of a school dinner will be increasing from the 19th of February.

We have been working with Aspens to keep the price as low as possible for parents and have delayed the rise for as long as possible, but this increase is necessary due to the ongoing increase in costs.

For comparison, Notts County Council are now charging £2.95 per meal and the typical price in Nottingham City has been £2.50 or more since September. Nonetheless, we still appreciate that this is an unwanted extra cost to families in difficult financial times.

Nursery meals will be £2.00

KS2 Paid meals will be £2.50.

Lunches will still need to be ordered in the usual way on the Aspens website by 9.30am each day and can be ordered in advance.