June is Pride Month. At Parkdale, we have a very diverse community that includes all permutations of family arrangements,.We also have children who are beginning to identify or experiment with different gender/relationship characteristics, some at a surprisingly young age.

It is the law, and our moral imperative, to be inclusive and to promote equality and acceptance of difference.

We do not teach children about sex (although it is optional, with the parental right not to consent, at Year 6). We do not promote a lifestyle.

Monday’s assembly will be on Pride month. We will be presenting Pride as a celebration of people’s right to be who they are without fear of discrimination. We will be talking about kindness and respect. We will point out that not everyone agrees on matters of identity and that is also fine, a human right to freedom of thought or right to practice religion in fact, as long as it is not discriminatory.

A pdf of the presentation to be used is attached for reference. The assembly will be delivered separately to KS1 and KS2 with the delivery language used being adapted in an age-appropriate way. However, the messages of rights and kindness will remain the key feature of both.

Pride Month