We’ve recently purchased a microphone to improve the quality of our audio recordings for podcasts.

In KS2, pupils create podcasts as a key component of developing their digital literacy skills. Not only is creating podcasts an element of developing pupils’ digital literacy, it’s also shown to be an effective way of providing opportunities for pupils to develop their: reading for fluency (scripted informative podcasts), oracy & communication skills and conversational language (conversational podcasts) and consequently their confidence as a speaker. These skills are becoming increasingly more important. We also know that creating opportunities for pupils to verbalise their understanding helps deepen their understanding and contributes to knowledge being in their long term memory. There are many benefits of podcasting and we can’t wait to get creative using the mic, Garage Band, Anchor App and Spotify to create them!

We’ll share podcasts on our website or class teachers will share links via Showbie. We hope you enjoy listening to them!