Exciting news incoming!

You may have been wondering what is happening with Swimming lessons at Parkdale! School Swimming is a rite of passage, traditionally provided through a council service, at a local pool. A review revealed that children were making a very small amount of progress. We considered the significant time that they were out of school, and the significant cost this involved, and decided that a rethink of our approach was required.

Swimming is the only part of the PE Curriculum that is statutory. Moreover it is anĀ essential life skill. It is an excellent way to keep fit, offering some children the opportunity to build resilience and confidence, and for some children the potential to join a club and compete. I believe that all of our children deserve the opportunity to learn to swim. We can’t do this exclusively at school, but we can support you, our community, by offering our children a fun and exciting swimming experience, in small groups and quality lessons.

This year we are very excited to announce that a pool is coming to Parkdale! For two weeks this term and two weeks in the summer Elite Pools for School will be here to provide lessons. The pool is heated, private and undercover. It comes fully equipped, with a lifeguard and swimming teacher. Children will receive lessons in groups of 6-8.

Please note, in this first visit, lessons will be focused on Years 3 and 4, with an opportunity for some children in Year 5 to work towards the National Curriculum goal, if they didn’t attain it last year. In the Summer term, Years 2 and 6 will also have an opportunity to swim.

All letters about swimming will be on class webpages and also on the PE webpage.