IMPORTANT: Keeping your child safe online

It has been brought to our attention that there are some very unpleasant and potentially dangerous updates which we need to make you aware of to ensure your child is safe online.

TikTok – as we’ve previously mentioned, the use of TikTok is not recommended for pupils at primary age due to the amount of inappropriate content which is easily viewable for them to see. Although your child may only follow certain known people, the reel is continuous – potentially exposing them to content you wouldn’t choose for them to see. TikTok’s age rating is 13+. However, we are aware that some of our pupils do have access to TikTok or have access to their mobile phone possibly without close monitoring, therefore it’s imperative we share these messages with you.

There is a current ‘trend’ on TikTok in which rioting in schools in being promoted. We were shocked to hear this too, as we are with all the below updates! The rioting focus is based on children’s response to teachers not allowing pupils to go to the toilet. Of course, we all know that children are should be allowed to go to the toilet as a basic human right! At Parkdale, we can assure you that children are allowed to go to the toilet but we thought this videoing of ‘rioting’ in schools is one worth sharing with you.

We have been notified that there are also some extremely unpleasant days planned via TikTok, including ‘National Rape Day’ on 24th April which encourages disrespectful treatment of females, almost acting as a ‘free pass’. We understand this content we’re sharing with you may come as an upsetting, worrying and distressing shock, as it did for us too. Additionally, there appears to be videos trending to encourage nazi salutes in the classroom. As you’ll be aware, social media is ever-changing and it is challenging to keep up at times so we’ll just continue to share with you as and when. 

Our staff are aware of all of the above so we will continue to be vigilant of pupils’ online safety outside of the classroom. We strongly recommend monitoring your child’s use of their mobile phone, if you’re not already doing so to prevent them being exposed to inappropriate content.

Remember, National Online Safety Parent Hub has lots of resources to help keep as up to date as possible with the ever-growing changes of our online world. Together we can try to educate and keep children safe online.