We are committed to equipping pupils with important digital wellbeing skills and online safety knowledge; it is an incredibly important part of safeguarding in the growing digital world. Digital wellbeing and online safety continue to be central to our digital learning and discussions around being safe online.

As the online world is continuing to grow and it can be challenging to keep up to date on new games, trends and the potential risks to children, we explored ways we can consistently work together on this and be informed as a team. We are pleased to announce that we have subscribed to an: accessible, informative and importantly research based/up-to-date online safety hub of information and resources for our community of parents, called ‘National Online Safety’.

There is an app which can also be downloaded, making the content easily accessible with videos. On the app there are weekly guides covering a huge range of topics such as ‘online bullying’, ‘games and trends’ and so on. We feel this resource will be an impactful way of us working together to ensure positive online safety for pupils. 

In school, staff will also have access to this hub and will be using this to keep informed on relevant updates, whilst importantly adding to our existing online safety teaching and learning, where necessary.

A letter will be shared with you during the first week of the new academic year with more information and with a link so that you can get set up with your own parent account.