This Sport’s report was written by Jacob, Tai and Aayan in Year 6

We are thrilled to announce that the Parkdale Athletics team are now the 4th best Athletics team in the whole of Gedling. This is a big achievement and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to represent our school. The team was made up of Isla Rose, Amber, Ava, Farwa, Imogen and Aamirah for the girls and Junaid, Jacob, Tai, Aayan, Arjan, and Jake for the boys.

In the Autumn term we competed in the heats, which took place at Carlton le Willows. We walked in with smiles on our faces and we knew we were going to try our best. We had been doing lots of training for this event which involved practicing the long jump; triple jump; speed bounce; javelin; vertical jump; and chest push. Terry – the organiser – announced it was time to begin.  We competed in the field events first then it was time for the fast relays. Our team’s hearts were beating at a million miles per hour – we were filled with excitement. The boys’ races were rapid and Parkdale was in the lead. We won our first race then our second, then came second in our third and final race. Our boys came overall 2nd in the heats. Onto our girls.. they started strong coming first in the hurdles race, but dropping to third in the over/under race and then finishing a strong first in the sprint race. The girls overall was ranked 4th. All we could do was wait for our combined results. We were announced second out of all the schools that took part, which meant we had qualified for the District Finals. 

The finals took place last Thursday (7th March) and we were against the six top schools in Gedling, after the heats. We had to compete in the same field event and relays as the heats and we knew it was going to be so close. We tried our best and our score was announced as 4th. It was a great experience for us to show our skills and compete against other schools. We hope our Year 5 athletics team can win it for us next year!