We have become aware of a small number of children, mostly but not exclusively in Year Six, establishing their own small businesses in school, selling sweets, snacks and stationery to their peers.

While we have to admire the entrepeneurial spirit of this, we really cannot allow it to continue unchecked. We have seen this sort of thing happen before and ultimately it ends up with arguments and recriminations. The prices being charged tend to be rather ‘exploitative’ and the buyer is rarely getting a fair deal.  There will be an unhappy customer (or more likely an unhappy customer’s parent or carer!) and school will be left to sort out the dispute. Moreover, it’s just not what school is here for.

So, no sanctions or major investigations so far, but children have been told they can’t do it and risk getting into trouble if they continue. We look forward though to seeing some of our children on The Apprentice in years to come, but for now, “You’re fired”.