Community Action Week has continued to expand and has almost become Community Action Month – no bad thing as our children continue to do brilliant things for our community and develop their social awareness.

On Tuesday, a group of ten Year 6 pupils visited the Carlton Community Hub to meet up with a team from BBC Radio Nottingham to discuss their work to support Hope.

The children saw first hand how the food bank operates and lent a hand sorting donations and putting packages together.

They were interviewed by Sarah Julian, host of the Breakfast Show, about their amazing campaign to support Hope in its work. They talked about how they have been learing about what foodbanks do, why they are necessary, how the cost of living crisis is impacting people and what they have been doing, recruiting children in all other year groups, to try to help.

The results of the interviews will be aired as five short features, daily on the BBC Radio Nottingham Breakfast Show next week, 7:30-7:45. The follwing Sunday (we think) there will be a Parkdale take-over of Radio Nottingham, with an hour long special centred around our comunity work. Confirmaiton fo date and time to follow.