As well as an end of year survey for parents/carers, we also have one for children. Every child, from Reception to Year 6, gets to complete this, with adult help where appropriate.

We take ths very seriously and senior leaders check every one, making note particularly where a child says they do not enjoy school, feel unsafe or have experienced bullying that we don’t know about.We follow-up on all of these. Mostly, the children have simply misunderstood the question or have mis-clicked. However, this is a useful exercise for identifying worries and anxiety that we might otherwise have remained unaware of.

Wherever a child has given a response that gives us cause for concern, even if it turns out to be something and nothing, we will contact parents/carers to discuss, just in case there is something we (or they) have missed in making that child feel safe and happy.

We also take on-board their views on each subject, their topics, use of technology, enjoyment of clubs etc.

This is all part of our commitment to listening to and acting on children’s voice.