We have received a lovely, supportive, grateful message from Save the Children, who have noticed that we are currently fund-raising for them. Our Just Giving page is still open and we still have a significant amount of cash to add to the total. We will continue to collect cash donations at our Carol Concert tomorrow. We expect to exceed £1,500 in all. Thanks to all for their support and contributions so far.

I can see that the Parkdale Team completed a Jingle Jog on the 8th December. Therefore, a huge congratulations are in order, not only for organising this fantastic event but also because of the amazing amount of money you have all raised! 

 In horrific conflicts like this, we see the worst of humanity. But we also see the best – through people’s extraordinary compassion. I can promise that your compassion doesn’t go unnoticed. 
It’s only right that we keep you up to date with where your money will go. The situation is changing rapidly, and we’re looking to scale up our response as soon as we can. 

For weeks, we’ve had trucks full of food, drinking water and medical kits poised on Gaza’s southern border with Egypt. Trucks have now entered Gaza and our teams are continuing to source supplies and load trucks with much needed items. 

 However, while every piece of aid reaching families in Gaza matters, the current rate of delivery is nowhere near enough. 

 The moment we get the chance, we will: 

  • Reach more children with water, food, and medicine 
  • Give psychological support to children who’ve seen things no child should 
  • Set up safe spaces where children can play and just be children 
  • Set up temporary spaces for learning – their best hope of a better, safer future. 

We are also lobbying the government to call for an immediate ceasefire so we can scale up our response. 

It’s true, the situation is complex. But our aim is simple: keep as many children as we can safe and help them recover once this nightmare is over. In dark times, thank you for keeping hope alive. Thank you for caring about children and the world we share. 

Robbie McCallum, Community Fund-Raising and Engagement Manager, STC