Parkdale Tart Sale

Parkdale Tart Sale Year 5 are excited to share that they will be selling jam and lemon curd tarts to raise money towards sponsoring some rainforest animals based on our learning this term. We are asking for donations in exchange for some delicious sweet treats! The...


We couldn’t resist celebrating Pancake Day with a tasting! We talked about Shrove Tuesday. We looked at the ingredients, made a batter, and watched them bubble on the pancake machine. Then we all chose a topping and tucked in!

Y4 request!

Has anyone got a game of monoply (any variant of the game) at home that year 4 could borrow for a couple of weeks? We need to research and play the game for our DT project. Poplar and Ash will take good care of them and return them to you as soon as we’ve...