As part of Art Week, we need the help of you at home. This could be from just your household or a joint effort with family and friends too!

We are aiming to build two sculptures;

  1. A tree hanging sculpture
  2. A recycled scarecrow

In order to make these amazing projects, we will need you to send in the following items (only if you have them or can spare them to be repurposed) …

  • Tree branches (no wider than 5 cm and no longer than a meter) and the more unusual the better!
  • Various different leaves, flowers, pine cones, etc.
  • Wool/yarn of any colour
  • String – varying thickness.
  • Plastic bottles – 1 litre to 2 litre bottles
  • Plastic bottle lids
  • A pair of old flippers
  • An old snorkel

Please send items in by Friday 14th June.