Following on from the recent statement about our school budget, a few stakeholders – Parents, Governors, Staff – have asked if there are any figures available for comparison. The answer to that is “yes, and they are openly available to all at the Government Schools Financial Benchmarking website.”

Our spending ratios, as a proportion of income, look similar to all other comparator schools. We are, by necessity, very prudent. However, for us, the key figure is income per pupil and we do seem to be low on any comparisons. We have assembled a few comparisons in the following document – again, all openly available information. It is worth remembering that even just £100 per pupil extra would be an additional £42,000 in our annual budget to spend on resources and supporting children. Quite why the National Funding Formula results in such comparatively low income for us remains a mystery that we cannot unravel.

Benchmarking Income