We are looking into becoming a lead school or a hub for excellent practice in PE, sport and active learning.  It looks likely we will become involved in a national initiative, Creating Active Schools. We think we’d be the first to do this in our region and hope to become a ‘pathfinder’ for Transform and wider in Nottingham and Notts.

This is at the very early stages, but one initiative we are keen to at least trial is to make Friday afternoons a time of more physical activity. When we return in January, Friday afternoons will feature a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity for all children; not a PE lesson, but some form of fun, physical enrichment. Something not on the curriculum. Getting up and playing, outdoors whenever possible.

This will be followed by a period of reviewing the week’s learning, making it stick. All the evidence suggests that regular reviewing and re-visiting helps children retain knowledge and new skills better and that doing so after physical activity is even better. We’ll give it a go and it’ll be fun if nothing else! The reviewing will be low-stakes quizzes, challenges, puzzles… not tests and nothing stressful.

So, Fridays become a really important day – for learning, fitness and fun! A lovely way to round off the week.