What a day it has been! We remain confident that staying open was absolutely the right decision and that children have been safe and comfortable enough in school. Many have told us what a lovely day they’ve had!

Nonetheless, we respect parents’ and carers’ right to make their own call on this and a number have chosen to either  keep their child at home or take them home early. This is fine. Absences will be authorised.

We are assuming that the same people will not want their child to attend tomorrow either as it is due to be even hotter, even earlier. However, we will not be sending children away if they arrive! The assumption was supposed to be helpful and save families the task of phoning or emailing in again. Apologies if it did not come across that way.

If your child was in today, but you plan to keep them off tomorrow, please do let us know.

The biggest complications here are the Y6 Leavers’ Events planned for tomorrow. After a lengthy strategic meeting, we have decided that:

The Y6 Leavers’ Assembly will be re-scheduled for Wednesday, when it is forecast to be cooler. This will be in the afternoon, 1:30pm, to give children who have missed today and who may miss tomorrow to have a bit of rehearsal time in the morning.

The Y6 Leavers’ Festival will still take place from 5-7pm on Tuesday. We have looked at alternatives, but none are viable. It is forecast to still be extremely hot. This concerns us. To mitigate potential problems, we are asking that each child has an adult accompanying them, so that parents/carers can monitor their own child’s wellbeing and management of the heat. We’re not expecting parents/carers to run the event.  Staff will have an adult to have a look if we start to get worried and to take their child home if necessary. There is now a Microsoft Form to sign up to the Festival:


Please note that Y6 children who have not been in school on the day can still attend as long as they are signed up!

No child has to attend – it is entirely up to parents/carers to make a decision.

More info for parents of Y6:

  • Please bring cash/card to buy an ice-cream (or two!)
  • Burgers are provided for children – adults are very welcome to bring a picnic and find a shady spot for it.
  • Bringing a blanket or chair is a good idea.
  • Finally, a request for an extra gazabo, if anyone has one to lend, please let us know via the Office.