Some of our brilliant Year Six children have raised the suggestion that we do some fund-raising to support children and families in war-torn areas of the world additional to Ukraine. This is a fair request and reflects wonderfully on our children as caring, global citizens.

We have previously raised considerable amounts for refugees, chiefly Palestinian, but Yemeni too. We have a proud record of supporting national and global charity events, but we do want to respond to the children’s interests and opinions and encourage them in their global, inclusive view.

So… Year Six have been set the challenge, as part of their next topic on War and Peace, to:

a) learn more about the civil wars and impact of these in, for example, Yemen and Sudan. They have already looked at Palestinian refugees in depth in Year Five.

b) Organise a fund-raising campaign for the second half of the Summer Term – this is to include a social media campaign, assemblies for the rest of the school, an information campaign for the community. They can choose which charity to send the funds too – for example War Child, Red Cross/Crescent, UNICEF or any smaller, more specific charity that operates globally.

This will sit alongdside the planned units of work on World War Two and other conflicts.

When the time comes, we hope you will be able to suport our children in their efforts.