Our Year Five children seem to have thoroughougly enjoyed a very busy, active time on their residential at Ravenstor. We’re hearing tales of real positivity and lots of bravery, especially with regards to abseiling from a very great height!

Not only are the children reporting back very favourably (the breakfasts feature prominently!), but the staff team are too. The hostel, facilities and activities on offer compared very favourably to our traditional venue of Youlgreave.

Staff also report that the behaviour of the children was absolutely impeccable: positive, polite, enthusiastic, fun, brave and supportive of one another. We have also had lovely comments from both the staff at the hostel and the 3rd party providers of the activities to the same effect. They took the time to email school to let us know how amazing the children and staff were. “The best,” apparently.

Year Five can feel very proud of themselves and so should their families. Thanks also here then to the wonderful staff team who made this possible. After a couple of frantic days and late nights ‘on duty’, hopefully they can stay awake through Friday and make it to a relaxing weekend.