Year 3 had the most wonderful time at The Deep. We had a very early start and an exciting drive over the Humber bridge. Once we arrived, the children we able to enjoy the whole aquarium where we embarked on a journey through the world’s oceans. Travelling from oceans past and into the future. From the shallow tropical lagoons to the darkest depths of the coldest oceans, marvel at the incredible diversity of life beneath the waves. Whilst on this journey, the children got the chance to capture their own personal experience using their personal 1:1 iPad using videos and pictures. 

Whilst at The Deep, we also took part in a workshop: Our Worlds Plastic Problems. We explored the following questions; Why are our world’s oceans so important? How are our oceans and the animals that live there being affected by plastics? The children where also asked to consider the impact of human behaviour on our oceans and ways we can reduce our plastic footprint. It was a fantastic way to launch our new topic – Look Deeper. 

Make sure you check out our quick digital sketches (see below) we produced on our journey around The Deep.