Year 3 completed a sponsored walk as part of their campaign for our Peace and Conflict unit.

The children had spent time learning about the HUGE chairty, which stands for Helping UGanda Educate. This has been set up to make a difference to children in Uganda. It specifically provides financial and resource support to the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre, a primary school set up solely to provide free education and support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children, who would otherwise not be able to attend school.

The children were incredibly touched by their findings and really wanted to make a difference. Therefore, the children went home and asked as many family members and friends as possible to sponsor them on an hours walk around the local area. The children were determined to raise enough money for at least ONE child to attend school for a whole year. However, this year the children absolutely smashed this goal, they actually raised a WHOOPING …. £702! This amazing amount of money will actually allow for THREE children to now attend school from the local village. A special shout out to one child – Ahmad Ajmal who raised a tremendous £300 on his own with the help of his supportive family and generous local community. 

The children should be incredibly proud of their achievements, as are we!