Thursday PE for Year 6 this half-term will be Tag Rugby. Wherever possible, this will take place on the field, as this is the safest (and most fun!) surface for this sport.

The children have been asked to have a conversation at home about the best kit to wear. PE is in the morning and we don’t want anyone to have to sit in damp, muddy kit for the remainder of the day.

While we would still like children to come to school in regulation PE kit, we would be happy to see them slip into something else for these lessons – a spare pair of joggers, a different top, whatever you think is best. Hoodies aren’t recommended as the hood itself becomes a bit of a health and safety issue and needs tucking in.

Footwear-wise, trainers are fine, as are a pair of football boots. No need to buy any specially though. Again, it might be worth considering bringing a change.

We will be out through the Winter, so warm and waterproof is the way to go.