Well done to Rufford, who won the end of term PE challenge for Year 6, this time in Tag Rugby.

Rufford won a very, very closely fought tournament on Thursday morning. The standard of play from all houses was very high and there was very little between any of them. The children’s skill, advanced knowledge of tactics, teamwork and attitude was great to see.

The tourbnament was played over 12 matches, with the winers being the team with the highest toal of tries scored. To say it was close is an understatement:

Rufford and Wollaton both scored 36 tries. Rufford won by vitrue of having beaten Wollaton in their two head-to-heads.

Newstead and Clumber were not far behind, with 34 and 35 tries respectively. None of the 12 matches were won by a margin of more than 2 tries.