Good morning Y6 parents/carers,

Thank you for your understanding during the regular updates and changes with the Y6 Festival! Please make sure you have completed the form to let us know if your child, accompanied by yourself will be attending the festival tonight at 5pm. We understand that not all pupils may attend due to the heat and we respect your decision.

In the event of you not being able to attend with your child, we would like to mention that another parent/carer can accept responsibility for your child during the festival. Each parent/carer can accept full responsibility for a maximum of 3 children’s wellbeing, safety in the sun and management of the heat – this includes their own child. By the entrance tonight – due to the extreme heat – we will not be able to allow any children in without another parent/carer accepting this full responsibility.

We do hope you understand that putting these safety measures in place enables the festival to still go ahead rather than cancel the event. Let’s make it a safe, lovely and fun leavers’ for the children!

We’d also like to thank FOP for all of their hard work in organising this event and adapting with the new plans too – they’ve been at school since the start of the day, setting up the shady spots!