Spring Term – Sustainable Development

Our sustainable development topic focuses on a Green, Clean World and the role deforestation plays in climate change. We will begin the term by introducing our new class book ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. This book has themes of friendship, the environment and survival. We will continue to read this throughout the term.

In geography, we will be locating rainforests, looking at their physical features and studying their climate and biospheres. Throughout the spring term, we will be incorporating digital aspects into our learning and aim to create an iMovie to showcase our work at the end of the term.

As part of our GCW focus, we will also spend some time looking at what climate change is and the wider impact of human activity in regards to climate change. We will listen to and read a variety of different texts, looking at inspirational people such as David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall and many more. We will be studying the work of Henri Rousseau, creating a drawing of a rainforest animal. We will also produce still life drawings using techniques inspired by Cezanne, Calder, Lichtenstein and Van Gogh.

During the second half of term, we will be looking at persuasive speeches in the form of a Veggie Election! We are excited to dive straight in to our topic and are looking forward to becoming wildlife warriors and presenters in a bid to raise awareness of climate change.


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