Spring Term – Our Green Clean World

Year 4 will be learning all about our incredible oceans, the destructive effects that humans are having on our planet and what we can do to help.

Our key areas of learning within our topic include:

-Learning about the importance of our oceans

-How plastic pollution is affecting animals in our oceans

-Coral bleaching

-Reducing our plastic/carbon footprint

-How plastic pollution is affecting climate change and the consequences of this

-To develop awareness of habitat loss because of human impact

-Taking an active role as a result of our learning to promote a greener, cleaner community

Our Spring term class book

Finn has always been different, and in the tiny Scottish village of Stromhead, his loneliness is obvious. Then, one day, he dives into the sea and find he can swim with the dolphins. Suddenly, he feels he has come home.

But danger lurks in the sea. His new dolphin friends are in danger of being injured by the plastic and other rubbish that is floating in the water. Desperate to save them, Finn runs for help to the Lighthouse Crew, the very children who have always left him out.


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